Roulette Tournaments Tips

In a roulette tournament, all of the bets have the same house edge, meaning that the high paying bets are not sucker bets. When playing online roulette tournaments, this flexibility in betting structure allows for a unique strategy on online casino .

The Spectrum

At one end of the spectrum, there are the even money bets on blackjack online , such as red or black, with a payout of one to one. At the other end, there is a single number bet with a payout of 35 to one. Online roulette tournament players do not have to choose between wagering conservatively and wagering aggressively; they can do both by placing suitably sized bets at each end of the spectrum.


A larger percentage of the bankroll should be allotted to the conservative bets because they pay out less. If a player is lucky he will get good dividends from the smaller amounts wagered on the riskier bets. It may happen that a player's chip balance is not increasing as he wants it to, in which case he can change to a more aggressive option.

Leader Board

The leader board is usually on display to all the participants in online roulette tournaments. A player does not need to take undue risks if he is getting a share of the prize pool. If the player is out of the prize pool range, he needs to take more risk. How much more risk he will have to take depends on probability of winning on how far he has to climb. Ultimately, players must remember that unless they break into the prize pool, it does not matter how much their chip balance has increased. They only get paid if they break into the prize pool.